Landscape Accent Features

Posted on: Thursday, August 2, 2012

It’s fun to get creative when planning your outdoor spaces. There are many ways you can transform standard, blank-slate yard spaces into something a little more interesting and personalized.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to add interest outside:


Through lighting you can choose which elements you’d like to highlight. You can draw guests’ attention to a newly-planted garden, custom-built structure or gorgeous tree. It also helps to create a welcoming environment. It can transform the overall look of your space, creating an ambiance at night that is either serene and calming or festive and celebratory.


Wooden screens are a great way to inject a bit of architecture into your garden or living areas. They can serve as both a focal point or act as a backdrop to highlight plant life. They are not only decorative but are also highly useful. They guard against high winds and so can extend the use of a patio area; they can also protect vulnerable plant life from harsh weather conditions. Custom woodwork is a great way to distinguish your yard from your neighbours’. It adds instant visual impact and style.


Mosaics involve inserting an initial, monogram, design or pattern in tile or stonework, personalizing and adding refinement to a hard surface. It’s a way to customize your outdoor space in a unique, meaningful and unexpected way.


Elegant stonework adds elegance to any property. Walkways, patio areas, living and dining spaces can be both utilitarian and beautiful by selecting the right stone. We often use large stones and boulders to add texture, weight and interest in garden beds. The great variety in stones makes them great to use when building garden art, fountains, ponds, planting beds and other water features.

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