Top 3 Creative Backyard Privacy Solutions

Posted on: Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We’re not all blessed with acres and acres of property and no neighbours in sight. Most of us will, at some point, have to address privacy concerns in our yards and figure out a workable solution that is both cost-effective and pleasing to the eye.

Here are our TOP 3 recommendations:


One of the easiest solutions is to plant hedges, shrubs or trees that can block, or at least partially obstruct, an open view. Best bets for privacy include cypress, holly, junipers and cedars. For year-round privacy you definitely want evergreens, otherwise the protection you enjoyed all summer long will disappear come fall.

Keep width in mind. Trees will not only grow in height, so account for this in your landscaping plan. You’ll also want to consider whether you want full privacy right now or you can wait for the trees to fill in a little. Having a bit of patience means you can save money; you can buy fewer trees and plant them further apart.


A custom-built structure will set your yard apart in terms of style, but it can also solve a few problems as well. Strategically placed, they can eliminate or reduce sightlines and increase privacy. You can create a cozy outdoor living or dining area that doesn’t leave you exposed to the elements – or your neighbours’ prying eyes.


A screen can be a wonderful addition to any backyard and instantly adds a contemporary, modern feel. You can get a screen customized to fit your needs and it won’t have the look of an obvious privacy solution. It can serve as a focal point all on its own or you can use it as a backdrop to highlight materials placed in front of it, whether grasses, flowers, plants, shrubs or trees. Add lighting and suddenly you’ve turned a design challenge into an exciting featured element.

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