Curb Appeal Landscaping: Adding Glamour To Your Front Yard

Posted on: Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You simply can’t escape decorators’ talk about curb appeal – the impressions people form after that first quick glance at your house. While most aren’t in the market for a major overhaul to the exterior of our homes, there are a few simple things you can do to update the look.


Many homeowners place an urn outside their front door and they’re wise to. Urns are a great way to add colour, vibrancy and life to what can otherwise be a broad palette of hard, uninviting surfaces. Often plant life placed in these landscape urns sets the tone for the decor inside the home and offers guests a cheery welcome.

But a summer arrangement in the warmer months isn’t quite enough. We are fans of bright annuals, of course, but we’re also big proponents of thinking in terms of the season. Your urn or planter does not have to just be a summer accessory. Switch the contents in the fall to include kale, marigolds or grasses. Have fun with gorgeous winter displays of hardy greens, leaves and berries. Spring is the perfect time for forsythia, moss, pussy willows or daffodils. The options are endless and it can be a lot of fun to experiment.


You don’t need to do a complete overhaul to update the look of your front steps or porch. Investing in natural stone to re-face an existing porch is an economical way to get an instant, contemporary update. Natural stone has great design impact, is remarkably durable and provides fantastic texture underfoot.


Lighting creates a welcoming environment and can soften the feeling you get from all of the harder materials and surfaces used outside. Use it strategically to direct focus where you’d like it and to create the mood you’re after.

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