What We Do

Let’s turn that daydream into a solid plan.

Whether you’re dreaming about that perfect place or you have a specific “trouble spot” to fix, talk to our designers—we’re always listening. We design with plant needs and your property conditions in mind so that your landscape will be beautiful throughout the growing season and for years to come. Then, we do all the work so you can get down the important business of your leisure time.

Today’s homeowners are a savvy bunch. We know we can only meet your needs with the most current industry standards, design ideas and products. And should you need some help making sense of the flood of information that’s out there, or the government regulations that might affect your project, you can rely on us to clarify things.

Have some ideas that just need a little direction? No problem, we’re here to talk. Want to get started? We can design and build now, or if you prefer, plan for a multi-phase installation over two or three seasons. It’s your call. We’ll put together the plan.

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Creating lasting beauty.

Once we’ve turned those visions into a plan, we’re ready for our favourite part: getting it done. At DenBok Landscaping & Design, we have the expertise to create beauty that lasts for your property. We have the highest industry standards when it comes to our work, safety and the products we use. And just as importantly, we have the respect to treat your property with care. Talk to us about our services:

  • Landscaping projects – multi-dimensional or limited focus
  • Built structures for privacy and sound reduction
  • Outdoor entertaining, cooking and living spaces
  • Natural stone and interlocking surfaces
  • Erosion control and surface water management
  • Pools, ponds and decks
  • Gardens

When we’re done, the only rocks falling will be the ice cubes falling into your glass.

We’ve perfected property maintenance so you can perfect your cannonball.

Our passion for the beauty of the great outdoors comes through in our work. We’ll not only create your perfect outdoor setting, but we’ll be there to keep it looking its best, too. Our conscientious staff are trained to monitor and care for even the most demanding lawns and gardens. Give us a call to discuss a landscape maintenance schedule that will suit all your needs.